CNC Motors Complaints

CNC Motors Complaints

The “Used Car Salesmen” has become a modern American character archetype representing someone who is untrustworthy or not forthcoming with all of the necessary information. Historically, this character should not ever be fully trusted when you buy a car from them.

Unfortunately, according to countless complaints from CNC Motors customers, their salesmen can’t even be trusted to sell a car for you without using the same underhanded and dishonest tactics that gave them a bad name in the first place. 

There are many reasons why someone might use a consignment lot to sell their vehicle. The chief reason is the supposed ease of having someone else handle the details and simply giving you the agreed upon sum that you want for your car. Ideally, you simply drop off your car, sign some paperwork, and let the “pros” handle the rest. The lot will then notify you when your vehicle is sold and then cut you a check for the amount you are owed while they keep a percentage for the work they did.

On paper, selling a car on consignment seems like a great idea, and it probably can be when the people selling your car for you actually uphold their end of the bargain and abide by the terms of your contract. 

Unfortunately for customers in the Upland, California area that entrusted CNC Motors to sell their cars on consignment, there seems to be inconsistencies and people are not getting the money they are owed for their cars. 

As seen above in a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, this individual has had to take legal action to simply get paid the money they are owed for the sale of their vehicle. Hiring a lawyer and involving yourself in a tedious and expensive legal battle is far from the convenience one should expect from using a consignment service. 

Sometimes mistakes are made, but that doesn’t account for CNC Motors employees repeatedly lying to the owner of the vehicle about when they will receive payment. 

Giving CNC Motors the benefit of the doubt would be understandable if this was an isolated incident. However, after looking into some of their complaints, there seems to be a common thread of deceit.

For Google reviewer Jose Posadas, not only has he not been able to get the money for the sale of his BMW, but he is still on the hook for the payments on it despite the fact that someone else owns the car!

Many complaints about CNC Motors in Upland, California involve stringing the customer along and promising payments are coming soon without any culpability once these dates come and pass. However, this incompetence is not only limited to sending payments as this Yelp reviewer explains:

If you are considering doing any business whatsoever with CNC Motors in Upland, California, consider these reviews and look up the several others that tell similar stories. Many reviews tell stories of not only terrible customer service, but behaviors that are totally unprofessional. 

According to several reviews, CNC Motors (Owned by Clay Thom) disregards agreements with their customers and simply attempts to pacify them with empty promises when those customers catch on. 

Buyer (and seller) beware.

For more information or to file a complaint, please contact Riverside, California DMV Investigations:

Ms. Yasmin Sanjaq 

DMV Investigations
6296 River Crest Dr. Suite A
Riverside, CA 92507
Fax: (951)653-4084

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I was ripped off as well from CNC. Clayton Thom is very good at working the legal system and avoiding prosecution. He needs to go to jail.

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